Patriot Insurance Partners specializes in providing protection for businesses that includes a combination of property, liability, and risk coverage. Our professional agents will help make sure you're taken care of each step of the way.

Commercial/General Liability

Incidents happen, but we can help you to protect your business from liability. Our policy offers coverage for a business in the event of bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage caused by the business's operations, products, or injuries that occur on the business premises.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Our plan provides a variety of coverages for cars, vans, and other vehicles for your business. Whatever your diverse vehicle needs, we can help keep you protected, and keep you on the road.

Commercial Property Insurance

Everyday materials are essential to the operation of your business. Our Commercial Property Insurance offers coverage of your building, interior and immediate exterior, including computers, furniture and equipment, exterior signs, fence and landscaping, important documents, inventory, and other property.

Builder's Risk Insurance

During construction, there’s a lot of moving pieces. This plan offers protection that includes coverage for theft of materials, materials in transit, materials that are installed or uninstalled as well as coverage for losses due to ordinance and laws.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber security is an increasingly important topic for businesses and individuals. Knowing this, we want to help keep you safe online from internet-based risks. Our cyber insurance policies may include first-party coverage against losses such as data destruction, extortion, theft, hacking, (denial of service) attacks.

Restaurant / Bar / Tavern Insurance

As an owner of a restaurant, bar or tavern, you’ve got a lot on your plate, and we want to help you protect yourself as much as possible. Our insurance plan generally includes coverage for property insurance, spoilage, general liability, liquor liability, boiler and machinery, and garage keepers’ coverage.

Frequent Questions

Why do I need Insurance for my Business?+

Starting your own business means taking on some degree of risk. As a business owner, you already have the passion and drive to take on new challenges, but you'll also need to protect the value of the assets you purchase for your company. Insurance can help you recover when things go wrong. From property losses related to items such as fire or theft to liability issues should someone sue – or threaten to. With the proper policies in place, you'll gain peace of mind and feel more comfortable in your new role as an entrepreneur.

What are the most common Business Insurance coverages?+

Most businesses carry Commercial General Liability, Business Interruption Insurance, Professional/Errors & Omissions Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, and Product Liability Insurance.

What steps should I take annually to insure my growing business?+

As your business expands, you may outgrow the standard Business Owners Policy and require more protection. It's a good idea to review your insurance coverage annually or preferably semiannually to determine if any additional policies would offer a more beneficial level of risk protection. It is very important to understand exactly what is covered and more importantly, what is NOT COVERED or EXCLUDED.

Should our company purchase Cyber Security Insurance coverage?+

Yes. It is our recommendation that your company purchases Cyber Insurance. This can be essential in helping your company recover after a data breach. This includes costs such as the disruption of your business, revenue loss, equipment damages, legal fees, public relations expenses, forensic analysis, and costs associated with legally mandated notifications.

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